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 COVID-19 triggered Open and Relaxed times in Hungary (II)

Gulay Icoz |

In my last blog, I have introduced Gourevitch’s (1986) description of critical juncture to analyse the COVID-19 crisis as a critical juncture in breaking the routine and the normality, which the large part of the World was enjoying since the WWII.  While Gourevitch (1986) argues critical junctures are ‘open moments’ where political actors make ‘system […]

Lending a helping hand or finger-pointing at the migrants and refugees in COVID-19 triggered 'open moments' (I)

Gulay Icoz |

My original plan was to write about Polish Presidential elections today, expected to take place in May 2020, despite the calls for its cancellation after the outbreak of the pandemic: COVID-19. The acceleration of the spread of coronavirus, however, have succeeded in drifting my attention to the refugees and migrants.  Particularly their survival in the […]

When one door closes, another opens…

Gulay Icoz |

On Monday, 10th Feb, I attended the UCL’s European Careers Event 2020. It was organised for graduates, particularly of the UCL and others. Since I am not an institutionalised academic, I do not have a piece of first-hand knowledge to what talks are taking places in the European Studies Departments across the country about the […]

Awkward partner is now out, the Rule of Law debate is here to stay

Gulay Icoz |

Just as the UK government is making its final preparations for the fast-approaching Brexit Day, I am just wondering who is looking forward to the Transition Period, and all the drama that might follow it. My super cautious and alarmed older brother, who is a British Passport holder, has already made his final visit to […]

Political power feels GOOD—Orban and Kaczynski will not risk losing the GRIP.

Gulay Icoz |

When Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister and the leader of Fidesz (Hungarian Civic Alliance), lost the General Elections in 2002, his advisor of the time Jozsef Debreczeni said Orban had drawn one conclusion from this election result: “This democracy thing, where power can slip so quickly from you, was no good.” Despite gaining 13 […]

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