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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Political power feels GOOD—Orban and Kaczynski will not risk losing the GRIP.

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When Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister and the leader of Fidesz (Hungarian Civic Alliance), lost the General Elections in 2002, his advisor of the time Jozsef Debreczeni said Orban had drawn one conclusion from this election result: “This democracy thing, where power can slip so quickly from you, was no good.” Despite gaining 13 […]

‘Trick Or Treat?’ Trick: Let Us Not Forget That Boris Johnson Attempted To Prorogue the UK Parliament!

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Phew, what a couple of months. But wait, the political drama is to continue at home in Brexitland in the coming months. As I was writing this blog, the British MPs were debating the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s deal with the EU on the UK’s exit from the European Union. However, by the time […]

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